Regressive scribbles, via fingertip on tablet screen, within minutes of discovering this new medium on Gmail

This site looks at hypotheses about, plans for, and experiences in publishing and journalism after print.

It originated in a 2010 paper for the Oxford Internet Institute: The Keiretsu-Cooperative: a Model for post-Gutenberg Publishing, downloadable here, free of charge. 


30 December 2022

For eleven years after I started this site in September 2011 I put no price on access — not even after WordPress, the platform on which post-Gutenberg.com runs, began to collect fees for vital functions.

Letting visitors look at all pG’s texts and pictures free of charge is no longer possible in the cost-of-living crisis of 2022.

Across old and new publishing, the consensus seems to be that subscriptions are the only possible ‘business model’ for writers.

Dear Reader, you may cancel your subscription whenever you like.

For as long as you subscribe, you will be helping to make it possible for me to put up new material every month. That could vary from several short entries on post-Gutenberg.com to one or two long texts — although these will seldom match the size of my first ‘premium content’ offering, a 4,000-word warning about apps and their trickster software siblings, on the deadly slope to Orwell-land. (Added on 25 January 2023, the much shorter sequel to that post is here.)

— Cheryll Barron

+++ Cheryll Barron  23 july 2018 postgutenberg@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Many thanks for this link, @elpareja. No Spanish spoken here — a matter of keen regret — but will pop in for a look with the awkward assistance of Google Translate.

  2. I am sorry that you had to post your comment under ‘About’ because something or someone — no one at pG — set comments to close for any post older than 14 days. If you have a moment to spare, please will you place a copy of your comment beneath the Ortega post, and perhaps add a line or two about your opinion of La rebelión de las masas?

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