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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I can only say that the work of making books— REAL books— is perhaps the most satisfying work I have ever encountered…What comes Next is the book of the future… the total book, the synaesthetic book. The book is in need of re-invention about as much as the spoon. It is the prefect reading device for a mammal with two eyes and two hands with opposable thumbs and a nose that loves to smell the pages….

  2. An honour indeed to be visited by the maker of the astonishing book in that photograph — which hardly does it justice. I did my best to copy it out of the slender treasured volume you gave me an eternity ago (though you won’t remember that) but would gladly make a substitution. … Yes, I read you as saying that the synesthestic advance on what we call a book today will be so different, that most people will forget the connection — as between car and carriage. … So, might one ask if you are working on the evolutionary leap, and if yes, may I have a look?

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