5 thoughts on “for  20. 3. 2016

  1. You are as generous as ever, Soul Sister, grand merci, but it’s only a break from blogging — for a blogger cross-eyed from too much screen time. Must add a note to that effect, for people waiting for replies in other spheres.

    The real break will come… ah, who knows when …? But this state can’t be all that unusual, because visitors download these Sisyphus screen shots/ screen grabs by p-G all year round: https://post-gutenberg.com/2012/08/19/3522/

    Hope it was a ravishing Autumn Equinox.

  2. Delighted that they please you, Lucinda, you understand perfectly that they are no more than a hint and prelude. … And that’s as much as can be said today, a day of collective mourning in the tradition in which we all grew up. … It must be a problem for some people in the greeting card business that there can never be postal deliveries of cards with pictures or gifts of baskets, etc., on the day these things celebrate, and that the last possible day for delivery is not a day of celebration at all.. … Will businesses of the future lobby for a Good Wednesday, so that posties can still make their rounds on the commemoration of ‘the third day’ after the horror?

    This would have seemed a lunatic suggestion before people started lobbying the Vatican, etc., for tying Easter to the same dates every year — a change that is apparently on the near horizon. The point? From what I’ve gleaned in bits and pieces, the convenience of some businesses to which this weekend is crucial, and of parents with joint custody of children, whose holidays they must plan and fight over. Pope Francis is apparently in favour, as are Anglican church authorities: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/jan/15/easter-justin-welby-christian-attempt-fix-date … P-G must humbly disagree. It is good that something like Easter disrupts the Rule of Money, its demands and considerations. Could fixed dates mean that it will become as commercialised as Christmas? … No time to google for signs of other people (Easter Scrooges?) making the same point. Seems obvious?

  3. Forgot to thank you for the ‘like’ … sorry! P-G is all thumbs on social media. if anyone in your spot wants to comment about the possibility of Good Wednesday, please will you post a pointer to this exchange?

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